TBC offers a high quality broadband internet access service via its hybrid fiber- coaxial (HFC) network. With its DOCSIS-3 ready infrastructure, TBC can offer high bandwidth services at the best value, so our customers can enjoy the best internet surfing experience.

Multiple packages to suit every need

TBC offers a wide range of broadband packages to suit the surfing needs for you and your household. Whether you are a casual surfer or a heavy user, regardless of whether your broadband service is for personal use or home-networking for multiple family members, TBC has a package that gives you the best value for your needs.

TBC Broadband, the best choice for the whole family
  • High quality 120M offering for the demanding user
  • "Always on" connection. You are online the moment you log on, no need to connect, easy and convenient to use.
  • No circuit charges with service packages that are always better value than ADSL
  • Best choice for home-networking
    1. With our high bandwidth offerings at the best-value prices, multiple users at home can enjoy the best experience even when you are all online at the same time.
    2. With a wireless connection, you can enjoy access the internet comfortably from any corner of the home.
Rate card
Monthly fee(List price)
download/upload List price
8Mbps / 720K NT$800
20Mbps / 3Mbps NT$ 1,050
35Mbps / 3Mbps NT$1,100
70Mbps / 5Mbps NT$1,300
100Mbps / 10Mbps NT$1,330
120Mbps / 10Mbps NT$1,350
200Mbps / 15Mbps NT$1,500
Monthly fee(Promotion price)
download/upload Promotion price
8Mbps / 720K NT$ 459
20Mbps / 3Mbps NT$ 699
35Mbps / 3Mbps NT$ 739
70Mbps / 5Mbps NT$ 859
100Mbps / 10Mbps NT$ 899
120Mbps / 10Mbps NT$ 989
200Mbps / 15Mbps -
  • The above mentioned promotion price is not applicable with other promotions.
  • TBC reserves the right to terminate or alter the contents of this promotion.
  • All subscriptions and promotions are subject to final written contract.
  • All other terms and conditions apply.