Shin Ho
About TBC Shin Ho

TBC Shin Ho began cable TV operations in 1997. Its coverage area comprises over 60,000 households in Tou Fen, Chu Nan, San Wan, Chao Chiao and Nan Chuang in Miaoli County's northern region.

TBC Shin Ho's commitment to the residents in Miaoli is reflected in the quality of its network, through which the company provides world-class cable TV, digital TV, broadband and voice services.

In addition, TBC Shin Ho also established Shin Ho News in 1994. Through this News Center, the company produces Great Miaoli News and Hakka Language News, 2 programs that are key to the local community. Its effort and the quality of coverage of news and events that are relevant to its constituents has been recognized by its peers in the industry, with Shin Ho News being awarded various accolades including the Golden TV Award for excellent news reporting.

Friendliness, enthusiasm, and respect are the cornerstones of TBC Shin Ho's relationship with its customers. Its unflagging commitment to delivering the best in media and communications services to Miaoli's northern region will continue to see the company grow from strength to strength alongside the community it serves.

Shin Ho Office

Address:  No. 198, Lin 7, Li ShanJia, Chu-Nan, Miaoli County
Opening hours:
Mon ~ Fri:  09:00~21:00 
Weekend: 10:00~18:00
Customer Service Hotline:  037-779-119
Sales Hotline:  037-778-888