Nan Taoyuan
About TBC Nan Taoyuan

TBC Nan Taoyuan is the second largest system in Taiwan and has been the licensed cable TV operator in South Taoyuan since 1996.
TBC Nan TaoYuan's service area covers 918 square km and constitutes over 75% of the total area in Taoyuan County, including Fu Hsing town which comprises 1/3 of Taoyuan County's area. Household within this service area number 310,000, with a total populaton of over one million.

Over the years, TBC NanTaoYuan has upgraded its two-way digital network in the various villages & townships and today, the company offers a full range of quality media and info-comms services including cable TV, digital TV, broadband and voice to its customers.

In addition, a news center was established in 1999 to provide the most relevant local news to its constituents. Today, TBC NanTaoYuan is regarded as a beacon of public opinion for the community. Its Taoyuan Cable News program has won numerous awards in the News Reports and Community Contribution categories of the Golden TV Award. In 2008, one of TBC Nan Tao Yuan's productions, True Love of Taoyuan, also won the Community Construction prize in the Golden Bell Award.

Apart from a dedication to delivering excellent products and services to its customers, TBC NanTaoYuan is also an active corporate citizen in TaoYuan, participating in a full range of community activities promoting various local culture as well as social welfare activities. From 2005, a Cable TV Education Award was held each year to promote the teaching of laws & regulations to students in the County. Also, beginning 2007, TBC Nan Taoyuan has worked with schools to organize activities such as "Campus Oscar" and "Taoyuan Movie Fair" to promote the art of video production. TBC NanTaoYuan will continue to share in the life and times of its community, by bringing to its customers world class products with true local relevance and contribution.

Service Areas

TBC NTY's service areas cover the eight main villages/townships in Taoyuan County:
(1) Zhong Li  (2) Ping Chen  (3) Guan Yin  (4) Shin Wu  (5) Yang Mei  (6) Long Tan  (7) Da Shi  (8) Fu Shing

Service Outlets

Address:  No.22, Sec. 2, Yanping Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324, Taiwan
Opening hours:
Mon ~ Fri:  09:00~21:00 
Weekend & holidays: 10:00~18:00
Customer Service Hotline:  03-271-0099
Sales Hotline:  03-271-0088