Customer Service
24-hr Customer Service

In January 2002, TBC was the first in the cable TV industry to establish a 24-hour customer service hotline. TBC has also implemented a call-centre monitoring system to improve our processes and level of service. In addition, we conduct daily telephone surveys on customer satisfaction, so as to receive timely feedback and continually improve ourselves.

Convenient customer contact points

To provide the most convenience to our customers, TBC offers a wide variety of customer contact points, from our service hotlines to customer service centers, as well as a wide range of convenient payment avenues such as various convenience stores, automated account transfers and credit card payment via an interactive voice response system.

Pro-active network monitoring

TBC has a round-the-clock network quality control system to ensure pro-active and automated monitoring of our network components. This allows us to discover and eliminate potential problems before they impact our customers and also provides us with the ability to respond quickly in any unforeseen circumstances.

Dedicated Engineering team

Regardless of weather conditions, our engineers are always at the front line, committed to providing the highest level of service to our customers. At TBC, we also ensure that their skillsets are continually upgraded with regular training in the latest technology so as to provide the best resource to our customers.