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Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC) is one of the leading multi-system cable operators in Taiwan. Established in 1999, TBC's franchise areas include Taoyuan, HsinChu, Miaoli and Taichung. The company's vision is to provide seamless access to the most compelling and competitive suite of media and communication products in Taiwan. Today, TBC serves over 750,000 cable TV households with about 180 channels of exciting local and international content on its analogue and digital TV platforms. TBC also provides a full range of quality broadband access packages with speeds ranging from 5M to 120M.
  • TBC Nan Taoyuan

    16F , No. 27, Sec.2, Huan Nan Rd., Ping Chen, Taoyuan County

    Tel:886-3-272 5000

    Fax:886-3-271 0068

  • TBC Best

    No. 11, Lane 153, Sec. 1, Chung-Hsing Rd., Chu-Tong Town, Hsin Chu County

    Tel :886-3-621 6555

    Fax:886-3-621 6020

  • TBC Shin Ho

    No.198, Li Shan Jia, Chu-Nan, Miaoli County

    Tel :886-37-777 080

    Fax:886-37-777 607

  • TBC Chi Yuan

    12F , No. 150, Bei An St., Miaoli City

    Tel: 886-37-770-080

    Fax: 886-37-770-904

  • TBC Chun Chien

    No. 430, Dunhua Rd., Taichung City

    Tel :886-4-3702 7700

    Fax:886-4-3703 1110

Business Strategy

The triangular business strategy which will turn TBC's vision into a commercial reality is:
> Increased service penetration
> Product bundling
> Building customer loyalty

In achieving its vision and strategy, TBC is to become the most profitable, innovative and professional media and communications company in Taiwan.

Corporate Culture

The building blocks of TBC's culture are entrepreneurship, teamwork, discipline and employee recognition.
In July 2007, the CEO Award was launched. It is a quarterly award given to those employees who, through outstanding performance, have made a truly significant contribution to the business.
The management of TBC understands that behind every dedicated employee is a supportive family and this is why the TBC Family Day, a day of sports and entertainment, was also launched.

Management Team

Chairman Ben Way

Executive Vice Chairman Thomas Ee

Chief Executive Officer Jimmy Chen

Chief Legal Officer Kevin Lin

Chief Financial Officer Miranda Cheng

Executive Vice President David Huang